Jan. 13th, 2012

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What does it say about you when your seven-year-old decides she can't stand living with you and makes the choice to live with her grandparents instead?

my sweet baboo and I were friends (I say were because they were really the baboo's friends to begin with, and after this, I don't even want to claim to know them) with a couple who are around out age (late twenties) and have three daughters. One of these daughters is from a relationship the wife had before she met her present husband. She was fairly young when she had her daughter and her husband came in when the kid was just a baby and all that was just gravy. They were young and inexperienced, but they muddled through, managing to aquire two new children on the way. Thing is, as they made way for these two new babies, they started to neglect the oldest one. Not necessarily in a material way, I mean, she's always been clothed and fed when I've been around, but she's also usually getting screamed at when I see her.

I honestly can't speak to their home life when I'm not around, but even if it's not ideal, doesn't it make more sense to put on a good front when others are around? Because this is not something they do. The girls come out, we say hello and talk and play with them, (and by we I mean anyone that comes over, not their parents) and before anything has happened other than the excited rambling of the oldest, the screaming starts.  "Get out of their face!" they yell, "Denise doesn't want to talk to you right now!"( which is never true, I always want to talk to her)  " Why isn't your sister wearing her pants? I told you go, take care of your sister!" "Go to your room!" This may all sound fairly regular to some people, but let me tell you, when a kid starts to ask a simple question, a question it would take two seconds to answer and you respond with, "Get out of my face!" It's not normal and it's not cool.  I've seen her mom sigh impatiently and tell her, "Ugh, just go to your room, I don't even want to look at you right now," apropos of nothing, only to watch the little girl respond with a quiet, "really?" and look devastated.

Simple declarations of love from the girl are answered with a 'yeah, yeah', and her mom answers her questions with responses loaded with sarcasm.  It's just the worst,  and I've been over there many times and found myself in ridiculously awkward situations that the parents have started by screaming in a little girl's face. One of my friends went over to their house once and the oldest got sent to her room while the others got to stay, and her mom just said, 'well at least your real daughters are still out here,' which is deplorable.

I just got news from a friend that the oldest doesn't live with them anymore. She finally started lashing out, telling them she hated them and asking them why they were always so mean to her. I hope they gave her an honest answer. 'Because we are young, petty, and irresponsible,' I hope they said. 'Because there's something really fucked up in our marriage, but we are unstable and think it's okay to take it out on you.'  Jesus Christ, guys. She's just a baby. She's your baby. I know kids can be a handful, I'm not blind or stupid. But there are some things you just don't do, and some ways you just don't act. This is one of them. I wish that baby girl all the luck in the world, and hopes that either her parents get a fucking clue, or that she never has to see them again. 

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In less angry-making news, over on LJ, there's a Kinkspiration Round 4 Challenge: Underage  that I'm actually pretty interested in doing. I'm going to try to write a bbSherlock! bbWatson! underage first time thing, and here's to hoping it comes out awesome.

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