Jan. 18th, 2012

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 I watched the season premiere of Being Human on the Syfy Channel Monday night, hoping I'd get a little more into than I did the first season.

I didn't. 

I mean, I'll probably still watch it on occasion like I did before, but I feel like something is stopping me from being able to enjoy the characters as much as I'd like to. The best part about watching a show is feeling like you're somehow connected to a character in one way or another, that you've been in their shoes at one point--maybe not about being a werewolf or vampire or any other class of supernatural being, but you know, in some way, and can relate--but I'm just not feeling it, from anyone on the show. 

What's weird though is that the show that came on after it, Lost Girl--I...actually kind of dug it.  I think it's because it seemed  like one of those urban fantasy novels where some tattooed witch has a scythe in one hand and a jutted out, awkwardly-posed hip under the other on the cover. The acting was nothing stellar, but the story was pretty layered-  A Succubus struggles to eke out an existence from day to day not knowing who she is or where she came from, and unwittingly stumbles upon the world of the Fey, both light and dark, and is forced to choose a side--looks like it could be cheesetastic fun. Plus there was some smoking hot kissing and the character's main power is banging. Something I can definitely get behind.

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