Feb. 29th, 2012

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 Why do I live in a time and place where a man thinks that it's perfectly normal behavior to slow his car down and gawk at a woman while she walks down her street, then pull a u-turn and follow her back to her house and stop to wave? It's unacceptable and terrifying and infuriating.

I shouldn't have to worry about shit like this. I just fucking shouldn't. Now I gotta wonder if every time I step off my bus and head to my house, this freak, who now knows where I live, is gonna be waiting for me to say or do inappropriate shit to me. Who the FUCK does he think he is? This shit is unacceptable and and I'm so angry I can barely see straight. 

Who the fuck do you think you are sir, to think it's cool to see a woman minding her own business walking down the opposite side of the street, and then swerve and slow down to a creep next to her just to get closer to her? And then, to pull a u-turn and follow her back to her house?! For what? To wave? Oh what, she's gonna find that sexy and suck your dick now? "Oh that's so hot, man. I love strangers following me back to my house creepily just to stare at me. Gets my shit going."  

Die in a fire, random dude. 

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