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Sep. 7th, 2009 05:03 pm
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Thank the Gods, finally got my HP Career Fair Fic in--and like 8 days late as well. I love extensions. I love lovely mods that give extensions to hapless first-timers like myself. I just hope my person likes their story.I feel good about it. Not great, but good. I don't think I'd ever feel great about something I'd written. In any case, it's done!

I've been gone for a minute because I just got back from four days of Dragon*Con and every minute of it was awesome. Yes, even waiting in the three hour line for the Venture Bros panel and the Patrick Stewart Panel. It was all worth it. Edward James Olmos couldn't make it to the BSg panel, but Colonel Tigh totally called him up, put him on speaker and we all got to say hello. It was geekiness at its best, and I can't wait to do it all again next year. Pictures soon!
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Will disappearing into a whiskey-induced haze make me a better writer? I hear it worked for all the greats.

Ah, well. Only one way to find out, I suppose. :-)
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I'ma be 25 in a few days! I'm pretty excited, I'm not gonna lie--and mostly because of the presents. Not gonna lie about that either. My main squeeze bought me a new Lappy, one of those little Dell 1545 things, in a delightfully spring-like Jade Green. My pop is sending me a package which will no doubt contain something expensive, and my mom's just bought my ticket to DragonCon. I am a wee bit spoiled, I think. Years and Years of this have led to conversations like this between myself and others:

D(me) and J(main squeeze) are just about finished customizing the new laptop D will receive for her birthday:

J: (looking over list of customized things) So yeah, we added pretty much everything you wanted, you got your web cam, you can play Sims 3 on it, Wireless router-- a pretty swell little lappy, I think. Okay, I'm pushing the button--oh, and it's officially yours! Estimated Delivery Date, August 18th. Huzzah!


J: What's wrong, babe?

D:...That's not my birthday.

J: Sweetheart, you're getting a new lappy, and it's only a few days after--


J: (resigned) I'll just run out and get you something else then, shall I?

D: (beams) aw, baby, you don't have to do that...butreallyyoudo.

Not to mention the fact that this year, I sent out my birthday list (That's not the weird part, I do that every year), but I had to send out a revised birthday list for my friends, and it began with the sentence, "Look, I've had some complaints about this year's wish list, so this is the one for all you poor friends. Now you have no excuse."

I have no idea how my friends and family put up with me. They do though, because I'm equal parts extremely blessed and made of awesome.

Hooray for birthdays!
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Yesterday I woke up from a dream where Neil Gaiman inadvertently set a cadre of supervillains loose at my high school. I was charged with the two-tiered task of saving the rest of my classmates, and stopping school administration from badmouthing Mr. Gaiman about the somewhat unfortunate events that had occurred while he was there. Not to mention the guest appearance by Captain America and trying to figure out whether or not we were still going to have Q&A Time with Neil when all of the fighting was done. So many questions I had!

I went and saw Termintator: Salvation at a midnight screening, something I haven't done since Lord of the Rings, and I had a lot of fun. I'm am officially all about some Sam Worthington, and can't wait to see James Cameron's Avatar now,  whenever that's supposed to come out. Still, I felt the movie itself was somewhat lacking. I dunno,--I mean I enjoyed it, but, I go into pretty much every highly anticipated flick thinking it's going to be my favorite, and as the movie progresses I deduct points. I found myself deducting a few points, but I still had a good time. Know what still in the top spot for me though? Star Trek. It's gonna take a movie of badass, epic proportions to knock it off it's perch, but who knows? There's stil time.

While I'm waiting... [personal profile] seperis had this to say about the relationship between Kirk and Spock in the reboot: This is two people who can compare and contrast their juvenile arrest records. This is two people who already have a habit of fighting personally and escalate each other to violence. Their intial reactions to being challenged by each other is already set in the habit of going for the throat first. It's like they were looking all their lives for the one person they can't break, and lookie here, there you go. Jim Kirk, who doesn't know how to lose, and Spock, who burns down the village and salts the earth when he goes to war. They are going to have some epic fights, and some epic angry sex.

I wholeheartedly agree, and cannot wait. Can anybody point me in the direction of some kickass reboot Spock/kirk fic yet?

In other news, this whole 'getting married' thing is just too much. My bridesmaids are killing me. I know they're meant to mean well and be sort of a support and everything, but no one told me I was getting like 5 additional mothers. You know what the problem is? i'm letting them get too involved, I think. I've tried like 17 different kinds of dresses on these broads, of several different colors, and I just keep getting emails and texts like about how fat they look in one style or how washed out one color makes them. At this point, I'm this close to sending out an email saying, "Attention, bitches in my wedding. You will wear whatever unholy nightmare I unleash upon you and you will try your damndest to look pleased and happy whilst wearing it. That is all." I think that would solve a majority of my problems, don't you?

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It's 1:30 in the morning, I'm up with my two favorite boys watching Mythbusters. It's a brilliant way to start the weekend, I think. Wish I wasn't so bleeding drunk though, would probably make typing this easier. So it goes. More later.
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So yeah. A lot of stuff going on as of late. I'm in the final stages of buying a home-I've gone through the appraisal, the inspection, the earnest money, blah, blah, blah--it costs, but I am assured by those around me that it pays off in the end or somesuch pish. The thing that made this whole home-ownership adventure a little more interesting was the idea of the first-time home owner's tax credit thing people who buy their homes between April 2008 and July 1, 2009 are meant to get. First I heard it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $8000 and I'm thinking, 'sweet! I can use it to get good stuff and not have a house filled with shoddy apartment furniture! Or rather, not just shoddy apartment furniture'. Then I actually read up on it a bit and it turns out you have to pay it back over a 15 year period, and there's all this tax jargon involved, and I'm really just not feeling it. You know what would be awesome? If it was like those crazy stimulus checks we got back in 2008 where money just sort of showed up in your bank account. That was nice. I think that this would all be okay, that I would read all the tax jargon and file all the paperwork to get it if on top the whole house thing I didn't have a flipping wedding to plan. Gotta tell ya, feeling a wee bit overwhelmed here. I'm managing though, with the help of a few bad-ass fics and general squeeing over Star Trek. Good Times.

[personal profile] sparky77 's How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership

is one of those silver linings in the cloudy mess that is my inability to organize or multitask.

“I think what would disturb me the most is that after you peel away the surface layer of: ‘I’m so awesome! I’m so awesome! Ow! I just got punched in the face! Hey! Look! Boobs! I’m so awesome! I’m so awesome! Ow! I just got punched in the face.’ that I would just be staring at a vast black hole of nothingness.”

Just. Good, good times. No strings, just cracking up at work and making people stare. Oh Bones, you so crazy.

I saw Star Trek a good three weeks before it came out, and lemme tell ya, it was excruciating enjoying a movie that much and not being able to babble about it. Especially this:

From Kirk and Spock

Because that, my friend, is what my best dreams are made of. Anyway, enough rambling, I've got to get back to pretending to work.

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