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Is anyone watching The Vampire Diaries? I'm not, but I'm a little bit intrigued. I tried watching the first episode, but then there was writing in a diary in a graveyard and then some kind of mysterious fog rolled in and I had enough. They recap it on Television Without Pity sometimes, and I'll admit it occasionally doesn't seem that bad, but that might just be the spin. What little I have seen though has me wondering if anyone else has noticed that in some series, the sidekicks and extra characters seem a lot more awesome than the main ones? In the case of The Vampire Diaries, or VD, as I like to call it, the two leads, Elena and Stefan seem kind of lame, whereas Damon, asshole extraordinare though he may be, and Bonnie, up and coming witch, seem far more interesting--to me at least. I've noticed this pattern in a few things--In True Blood, I almost always can't stand Sookie and Bill, and in Will and Grace, I only watched for Karen and Jack. These might not be the best of examples and I know more are out there--can anyone else think of shows where the headliners pale in comparison to the sidekicks?

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