May. 31st, 2009 10:31 pm
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Look, I swear to Cthulu that I loathe Twilight. I fought my way through the book, taking three weeks to read it because I kept flinging it across the room and screaming, "Is this shit for real?" I'd then have to go read something else, give the book hateful looks from it's place on the floor in my bedroom and rant about how horrid it was to anyone who would listen. But listen. For some reason, I saw the movie, and had a really good time. I will admit here, and only here that I saw it more than once, and loved it every time I watched it. So now I hold these two conflicting ideas in my head about Twilight, and I fell in love with the online community--well, not the whole community--more like the Growing Up Cullen sort of  stuff --not the crazy Twihards, and Twimoms or whatever the hell they're called--IN ANY CASE, I'm babbling about all this because I'm watching the MTV Movie Awards and they played a clip from New Moon.

Holy Shit.

I embarassed the hell out of myself by screaming and biting a couch cushion. Guys. Guys. I haven't even read the book--I refuse to read anymore of them, but...oh holy crap. It's like everything rational in me shut down and that tiny part that goes batshit for sparkly vampires reared her head and just took the eff over.

Someone must save me from myself.


Update: Twilight just won best movie award. Sweet baby Jesus.

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